Hair thinning. Help?

I wash my hair weekly and I know it's normal for a lot of hair to come out when detangling in the shower, but, I feel like I'm having some major thinning.  My hair isn't as thick as it was before I started the CG method, and I don't know why. I regularly wear wash and gos, is it possible that contributes? Are there anyways to stop thinning and promote hair growth? Thanks.

2 Answers

i feel you , when i started the cg method it was all good but after a few months my hair started to shed a lot , before the cg method my hair would barely shed so i stopped the cg method and returned back to sulfates but it was no use soo i started putting oils like organic wheat germ oil and started doing protein treatments and my hair slowly got back to it's thickness sure i still use co wash sometimes but not as much anymore , so basically the CG method is not for everyone so if your hair is not responding well then it's better to stop it and see what works best for you
I just watched this video on youtube about these peoplewho were using garlic shampoo. yes, i know it sounds gross but it is supposed to help with hair loss and thinning hair. you could try that. Hope this helps!!