My hair is thinning! What should I do?

My hair strands are some what thick, but for a while they've been falling out which makes my hair thinner. My mom says it's because I always wash my hair constantly pulling out hair. By the way I haven't flare ironed my hair in almost a year and my hair still doesn't look healthy or long like I wanted to. But I'm just focused on getting it thick. Any suggestions ? P.s this is coming from a 15 year old who depends on their mom to get all hair supplies.

2 Answers

hello fellow curly friend ! Now, if you do wash your hair constantly then that is a big problem .Your body produces natural hair oils that come out of the scalp and slowly coats the hair strands over time . I say slowly because It takes longer for natural oils to cover curly hair then it does straight hair . That's why people with naturally straight hair wash their hair often. But with curly hair , you have to give the natural hair oils some time to coat your hair . If you wash too much, your body will   not be able to product hair oils in time , and your hair becomes dryer and dryer . Ii was my hair every Monday but I suggest you wash your hair once every 2 weeks for a little while until your hair is used to producing oils on time. And the type of shampoo that you use could be the problem . If it's a shampoo with sulfates , that could be thinning your hair out. Not because it has sulfates , but because it has sulfates AND you wash a lot . Sulfates strip your hair badly of moisture . I hope you use a sulfate free shampoo. It still cleanses your hair and gets it clean , but it is also less damaging .If you want your hair to be repaired, I would suggest deep conditioning. Deep conditioning once every 2 weeks is like a curly girls best friend ! Also , taking biotin supplements will make your hair thicker . Biotin vitamins help to strengthen nails , hair , and help improve metabolism . They even have shampoos and conditioners with biotin in it ( it's commonly called b5) to make your hair thicker from the outside . Organix has a nice biotin shampoo and conditioner in a purple bottle . It's not that expensive either.Now , I take 20,000 mcg's of biotin . That is a pretty high dosage but I use it because small amounts of biotin don't work for me , it's just not enough .  But I wouldn't start that high if I were you . I would start with 500 or 1,000 mcg's and if that's not enough , you can use a bigger amount . Now for your mom , I honestly wouldn't depend on her for hair supplies anymore, not saying your mother isn't great , but you know what is best for your own hair . I would start going to walmart or target and getting my own hair supplies . If you can't do that , you could just go with your mother and show her what supplies you want After doing all this and your hair is still thinning after a while , I would go to the doctor because it could be more than just washing that's causing your hair to be like that . But I doubt you need to do that . I hope I helped ! 
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