my hair is trained to stay pulled back even when its out...what do I do?

Hello everyone Im new here and can use lots of adviceIm struggling with having my hair down and curly. Ive always had long thick frizzy curls(perhaps a 3B with the kinkiness of 3C), but growing up my mother never knew how to tame them so it was always pulled back. I guess I learned this behavior and did the same on a daily basis. My hair was almost never out. To make matters worse all my jobs were around food where my hair had to be up. I later joined the military and also had to keep my hair tightly pulled back in a bun. I am no longer in the military nor do I work with food and i want to keep my hair down...problem is now the whole top half of my hair is wavy and has almost a magnetic attraction to my head. Its worse than triangle hair :(. My hair seems like it grows back then down. Even still it has little to no curls up top, just waves and lots of frizz and damage from brushing. Any advice on how I can begin to fix this so I can feel comfortable wearing my hair down?

1 Answer

Like you said your hair has been "trained" to pull back so you need to retrain it leave it out as much as possible. Also sort of like when you have paper thats bending the wrong way you bend it in the opposite direction when your home maybe try pulling all your hair up sort of ito a unicorn horn ( only way to describe it) so that your hair is pulled up and away from the scalp makesure to tie your hair loosly so you dont cause any breakage hope this helps