Hair turned green from the jacuzzi!

I have been doing the curly girl method for a couple of months now and have loved the results, however this weekend I went away with friends to a house that had a Jacuzzi/Hot Tub. I ended up putting my hair under water (after a few drinks) and later on in the night my hair had turned completely green, not even a little bit it was really green! My friends poured bottles of their shampoos and conditioners to clean my hair, the ones I have been avoiding the past few months but did not have the heart to tell them. Now my hair is dry, frizzy and still has a tinge of green.Will I be starting from the beginning again with the curly girl method if I cowash my hair as normal? What can I do to get the last green tinge out my hair? My Hair is long and bleached blonde on the ends like balayage.

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