Hair type and help please?

Ok, so first, I don't know if you can judge by my photos what my hair type is because I don't think this is my hair at it's curliest best and I feel like I'm doing something wrong. My hair has never been this well, straight. I have no idea what they used on my hair when I was younger, but my curls where great back then and the waves I should say almost reached the root but not quite, it was always a hint straight then I had a ton of waves. almost type 2b-c. Now it's just a few waves and mostly straight. like a less definied 2a, which I'm not saying is bad, but I feel like my waves are hiding or I'm doing something wrong, like I'm not getting the most out of my hair. Even the BF has said how much he misses all my S's and curly Q's, and I do too!I do use a sulfate shampoo, but I'm low income due to my disability and being in south jersey and shopping at Walmart, it's hard to find non-sulfate shampoos. Buying online is no go for me, really. the bottles are never big enough and too much money. It's really nice to just get a big bottle of matching shampoo and conditioner that I know will last me 2-3 months. I wash every 3 days. I wash upside down, scalp only. I use Herbal Essences Totally Twisted, which makes my head feel clean, but I'm just not very happy with my hair... :( I then condition with the matching conditioner, midshaft to tip leave it in while I wash my body, rinse slowly as I comb through with a wide toothed comb. Make sure I'm throughly rinsed, then I plot my hair upside down with a t-shirt. I usually let it air dry. I haven't found any good product yet (gel, cream, etc) and I'm looking into getting a blowdryer with a difuser. Please, is there anything I can change or do to make my hair more wavy again and just, better? Any shampoo reccomendations? is there something reasonable or something I can get a drugstore? sorry for the long paragraphs and too many questions. any help?

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I'd say your 2a