What is my hair type and how do I take care of it; dont know what hair products to use. Please help

Hi thanks for reading my question. I don't know my hair type and I don't know what products to use. Its frustrating because I am wasting money trying different products and I really don't know if they are the best for my hair. Can you please look at my hair and tell me my hair type and please also tell me what products to use. Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

Your hair seems like a 3b type hair. This website lists the right products for people of all hair types, and I found a link that could help you buy the products you need. Link: https://shop.naturallycurly.com/texture-type-3b/ "Quick tip: Because this hair type (3b) tends to frizz easily, use gels and styling creams with extra moisture and serious frizz control."