Why is the top of my hair way less curly than the bottom, and what can I do?

Hello! I have been an avid and consistent curly girl since age 12 when my hair was changing from straight to curly. I have a majorly perplexing problem that I'd like to ask yall about. Recently I've been noticing that the entire front and top strands of my hair are almost entirely straight, while the underlayers are either botticelli or corkscrew types. Do you think this means certain strands are damaged? Or what do you recommend people in my situation do to help the wimpy curls come back to life? Any help would be deeply appreciated. It's sort of 2b and/or dead on top, and closer to 3a/3b on bottom.

1 Answer

It's probably because your hair is so long. I have the same problem. I think the solution would be to cut off a few inches so that your hair isn't pulled down. I'm scared to do that, though, so I usually tip my head upside down and let my curls dry( I hang off my bed and read or something). Plopping or defusing your hair might also help. Good luck!