My hair won't curl anymore

The first picture(should be the smiley face) was back in feb. I usually don't brush my hair because it completely loses the curls. However that day my curls were more  define, nothing was added to my hair at all. The second picture (should be the one with the  smiley face& Manhattan geo tag) was back in august, I rarely straighten my hair during the summer due to frizzy. Between these two pics my hair didn't really grow that much, for what ever reason my curls got really tight that first picture. And I have not been able to get them to that stage again. The last picture is today(flower smiley face) I cut my hair a month ago. Between nov- till now my hair wasn't been curling. I've used curling styling products (deva curl styling cream), special sampoos( carols daughter). But none of them seem to be making a change, I really don't want to have to straighten my hair 24/7 nor do I want to. If someone has any helpful tips that would be amazing.

2 Answers

I'm going through the exact same thing as you! I have 3c fine hair, your pics look almost identical to what mine is doing. Not sure why either. I thought maybe because it's winter and dry. But it hasn't lost the  curl so much during previous winters..usually it just loses the frizz and the curl remains and I love winter due to losing the frizz! Right now, it's barely waves. I'm not sure what to think either. Hope u figure it out! Wanted to let u know u aren't the only one. :)
I'm going through the same thing. I had long hair below the boobs but I dyed and so the ends got damaged beyond repair; it was like having curls on top that ended in a straight line. So I cut it and decided it was time to have a new look, I got a short haircut above the shoulders. Since then it wasn't the same, probably because I also changed shampoo and the cut was designed for a straight hair. I got a different haircut the  new stylist told me that they have totally messed up with the hair, so instead of falling down it was going upwards and sideways making my hair a fluffy mess. It's been about two weeks since then, the change was slow and its working. Besides that I'm applying coconut oil before washing, leaving it for 30 minutes, I changed to a sulfate free shampoo, not drying it with a towel and I stopped combing my hair (I used to only comb it once in the sower and once before styling) now I use fingers, apply few drops of coconut oil and a bit of styling cream, let it dry naturally. In almost two weeks it now looks healthier more defined, more shinny and less fluffy or frizzy.So I recommend you to get a haircut or just a trim, do deep contidioning and try to avoid damaging it with hair products, styling, towels, heat; and remember it's winter so probably that got your hair dry. Hope all this helps you recover your beautiful hair.