My hair wont keep in moisture! I did almost everything in the book for natural hair care. Help !

I have done a trim recently, I co wash and deep condition weekly, shampoo every 4-6 weeks, I moisturize almost daily. I have also done a strong protein treatment and I also take hair vitamins

1 Answer

What may feel dry to you might actually be your hairs natural texture. I had the same problem until I came to that realization. Try a little science experiment. After washing and deep conditioning your hair, part your hair in half. So, left side & right side. Then add your normal products to one half of your hair and let it dry. Let the other side dry without any products (I know, not fun!). Then when both sides are dry you might feel the difference between when your hair is moisturized and when its not.Also, if you're not already doing so, sealing with a thick oil and/or butter will help keep in the moisture