My hair wont get wet???

So I've been going natural for about 2 years. I shaved off the bottom half of my hair and cut off a good portion of the top a while back. My hair is around 3/b-3/c.At the beginning everything was fine and dandy. I'd wet my hair to wash and it'd stay wet. I did my protective styling the whole thing. I did struggle to find any shampoo and conditioners that were good for me and then I started using au natural (when i have the money) or I use doves daily moisture (green label) and the blue labeled one interchangeably depending on availability. Over the course of the last year or so my hair has been becoming increasingly frizzy and it wont stay wet anymore. Ive checked forums and everywhere for an answer but people seem to get this problem when they add product to their hair. I havnt used anything for two years except for foam mousse maybe once every couple of months. Other than that nothing. As more time goes by I feel like it's getting worse and worse. I wash my hair once or twice a week and it doesnt make that weird squeak from lack of oils and such.I tried using oil or vinegar and my hair HATES it. It comes out feeling like rubber and crunchy at that point. Right now all I see that works is me shampooing and braiding my hair but it still doesnt stay wet and I'd just like to know why. I feel like maybe with the more natural it becomes the less I know how to take care of it so I may actually be doing something wrong. Or the same treatment I did may not work. I have not applied heat or use a towel in my hair. All I do is wash, braid, and thats it. Leaving my hair to dry on its own also leaves it feeling rubbery and very frizzy. EDIT: My porosity level seems to be low but not all the strands are like that. It used to be high before I started straightening my hair but I'm not sure if it went through a texture change or what. Thats why I'm here I guess xD. 

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