Hairdresser used thinning shears-DISASTER!Help!

A week ago I had a haircut not to my regular hairdresser. My curls were feeling a little bit heavy, so I asked him to do something to control that. He used the thinning shears :( It was the first time this is done to my hair,and I didnt have any idea of how bad it is. Now most of my curls are gone,other parts appear straight (especially the front close to the face) and there are some very thin ringlets. Also,after the haircut, I noticed that my hair become oily very easily,something that was not happening before.I uploaded some photos of the situation. My hair used to be like the last photo ,before the haircut.How long does it take to get back to the previous condition? What should I do to improve it ? Would it help to cut my hair a little bit ?thank you

3 Answers

I had a similar situation with my hair. My hairdresser used thinning shears on the back and now that part of my hair is always frizzy. I changed salons and went to a new lady and she said that pretty much the only thing that I could do is to wait for the damage to grow out...which can take months. I know that's not what you wanted to hear. :( She told me that in the mean time, to help control the frizz from it, I can just put extra product on that section. I use Cantu products a lot and they are great!I am still in the process of growing mine out. The time it takes you will vary based on how short your hairdresser went with the shears. Thinning or texturizing shears basically cut every other strand of hair, leaving a bunch of short pieces in with your regular length. So, depending on how short they are, it could only be a couple of months or it may be longer.The good news is that after this ordeal is over, you probably will never have to go through it again!
I had someone do that to me once and I cried for weeks. My hair was so messed up.  Thinning shears should never get near curly hair and any hairdresser that does this should lose their license in my opinion. The only option is cut off or tolerate as it grows. Next time if hair is heavy, tell them to put in layers. NEVER thin.
My hair is similar to yours and my hairdresser used thinning shears on my hair a few months ago. I liked the results at first but now that it's growing out it's become unmanageable and has lost a lot of volume. Instead of having 3a curls my hair looks more wavy than curly right now. I'm going back to get my hair trimmed again but I'm definately telling her no shears just layers. I learned my lesson.