Hairstyles for curly roots and straight ends??? I've been in this dilemma. After straightening my hair for a while my hair became straight. Then it started growing back in tight waves. So now I have half straight half curly hair! My hair is impossible to work with!! I've even tried mousse but my hair just curls at the roots and STILL stays pin straight at the ends. Does anybody know any hairstyles that work for curly roots and straight ends?? Braiding doesn't work...even if I leave it in a braid all day the ends still stay pin straight. Please help! Thanks!

2 Answers

Some people recommend that you put rods on the straight ends in order to get them to curl, though I've never done it myself.
i agree wuth Xhexania. I would put perm rods at the ends of my hair during my transitioning phase. works like a charms. holds up well. the perm rods curls blended in better when i did twistouts