Half Curly Half Straight???

Hello everyone, I’ve had a pretty strange issue with my hair for the past couple years. It’s curly on the right side and like wavy/straight on the left. I know the cause has to do with excessive damage i’ve done to my hair. Before I did this pretty expensive treatment similar to Kertain on my hair I had extremely thick, nice and defined curls. This treatment i did was supposed to last a whole year, and it pretty much did. I was told not to wet my hair for 3 days after doing the treatment, I accidentally wet the left side of my head on the second day and that’s when I really began seeing that I had messed up my hair. It turned very dry, almost crispy, my tips were breaking off like crazy. Even after that I still ironed my hair every day. It took years to finally accept my curls and get my hair some what healthy again, the right side is pretty curly and full of volume but the left just isn’t curling up the same if not at all :( Is there anything I can do ? Will my hair ever fully recover and be as curly as it was before ?

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