What is happening to my hair?! :(

As a kid I had really curly hair.I have heavy and thick hair and my hair used to be long with loose waves little to no curls.In September I trimmed my hair above my shoulders and my curl pattern resetted.I had really curly and bouncy curls.Now about 2 weeks ago my hair began to droop.It doesn't curl up the same anymore.In fact I lost the curls I had! It only has one wave or two and a slight curl at the end.I really believe it's the products I use but I'm not sure.I use shea moisture shampoo conditioner and tried their hair masque today .What I apply after I shower is Taliah Waajid curly curl cream and that's it.I know it is not because my hair is growing because even when it was long it was not this flat and droopy.Please help!! I think I need new hair products and am thinking about trying the curl keeper original.Any help and recommendations are really appreciated.Thank you.(never straighten or curl my hair)

1 Answer

Ok so actually you're going to want to slow down on the product. Before you buy anything new, try using less moisture in your hair. When your hair is over conditioned, it's going to straighten out. :)