is it healthy to blow dry my hair natural every two weeks? (4a/b Textures)

Recently I realized how unhealthy my hair was, It was always dry and tangled because I didn't have enough time to focus on the health of my hair so much as I focused on styles. I did a little research to learn more about my hair texture, porosity, etc. so that I could grow healthier hair and one of the things I decided to do was blow dry my hair so that It's not as high maintenance and I won't be forever detangling, I was blow drying my hair once every two weeks, but this past week I stopped and just washed and condidtioned my hair, because I felt it was too dry, Are there any tips on keeping my blow-dried hair moisturized and is it healthy to moisturize every two weeks?

1 Answer

of course it's healthy to moisturize every two weeks you can even moisturize everyday if you want to , stop blow drying your hair it's just gonna make it worse , you can always put it in braids to make it less tangled , if your hair is super dry then start deep conditioning it once a week and start using leave in's it's really not that hard , shea butter is great at moisturizing