I have 3b hair but I also have bad heat damage mostly in the front but it's everywhere .. so after I wash it I put in an oil or leave in then I braid it up the next day it's all frizzy and puffy and poofy and just so ugly looking when I look at other 3b hair with no heat damage like after they was their hair it's all pretty and silky and mine is all dull. What can I do or what product can I buy? What routine? Anything I just want my hair back healthy. As a reminder it is in the front of my hair so I can't just go and chop it off and I'm also in highschool and I do braid outs like every night and I also deep condition or protein treatment after I wash.

2 Answers

I think that it might just be your hair regimen. You said you braid it after you finish washing it and you notice frizz the next day. You should let it air dry for about 75 to 80 percent, and then braid it. Natural hair is at it's weakest stage when wet. The next day all you should to Is spritz your hair with water and use your favorite leave in conditioner. For the heat damage, I suggest you cut it of slowly and overtime you will see change. Heat damage is hair that  is permanently straight, and the solution is to cut it off.
try drying your hair with a tshirt instead of a towel as well I find it helps alot heat damage cant be repaired so if you dont want to cut it off ide wear protective styles as it grows and slowly trim what your comfortable with.☆For inspiration and hair tips follow me on instagram @tokesgreen☆