Heat damage & texture issue!

At one point I was finally finished going natural due to having perms for so many years. I've gone natural twice and each time I just grow my hair out, I never chop it. I went to the salon to get a trim and  the lady wanted to try her new straightening serum on my bangs, so I let her. That was a bad choice because when I washed my hair days later, my bangs were limp, and they stayed that way for 1 year and a half. Then I started perming my hair again for 1 year and now I'm back natural. The problem is that I thought that since my hair has grown out, my bangs would grow out and go back to the same texture (I have 3c/4a hair). But it hasn't. The bangs have actually changed to a more poofy, 4c looking texture that makes me want to cut my bangs to the root so the texture will be even. It's not cute. I try to explain this to my mom and she thinks I just have naturally two textured hair, or that the perm changed it and that I think the new growth grows out damaged ( I don't). I understand that some people have those cases, but I know my case is due to the heat damage and it's like the hair hasn't grown since. What do I do to save my bangs? How can I explain this to my mom? 

2 Answers

I have 3 textures in my hair. It is possible that the heat damage causes your hair to behave like another texture. Only way to fix it is to stay away from heat and nurse it back to health with deep conditioners or cut them off and start over. 
Thank you! Will the deep conditioners work even. After all these years they haven't been nursed back to health?