Hello, my hair texture is 4b/4c and I'm excited about its growth potential. Problem growth is slow.

I need advice from other naturals. My hair texture is 4b/4c. I tried all the expensive brands but that doesn't seem to work vs. things from nature like avocado, coconut oil, and oil olive. I've been natural for two years and I have not achieved much length. I also take meds to manage my bipolar depression. From my understanding some meds have side effects and could affect ultimate hair growth potential.What should I do beside diet and exercise that would stimulate growth? Help me sisters.

2 Answers

Moisturize and seal. Try not to manipulate your hair so much so you can retain length. Your hair will grow. Genetics play a huge role :)
AmandaCurls101:Thanks for the advice;)It's funny because when I wore relaxed hair, it seemed to grow like a weed.Every natural I meet, like yourself says patience is the key and genetics plays a big role. I need to stop touching my darn hair.