Hello. I have 3a/3b curly hair. I used to straighten a lot when I was 12 I'm 15 now.

My hair has always been curly and now during the winter I've noticed it doesn't curl well unless I use gel. I don't straighten often now... Maybe once a month. I shampoo once a week and do deep conditionings. My hair is quite long... When I straighten it it's mid back. Most of my hair curls after the shower but it's a frizzy undefined curl. It just doesn't look right unless I use gel. Is this just winter dryness? Because it's not usually like this. 

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Hi! Since you say your hair is quite long, I would guess that part of it might be the length. As our hair gets longer, the curl tends to become less tight just because of weight/gravity. It could also be the winter too, because of the dry air. Maybe try scrunching the product in upside down to help with volume, and "plopping" to encourage the curl formation more.
Don't worry, there a lot of different things you can do to prevent frizz. Check out these articles that focus specifically on winter curl care: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/home/pr...
There could be a lot of factors contributing to this, from the climate and moisture in the air to your the products you're using, even your haircut. First I would recommend trimming your ends, it might bring life back into your curls especially if you go to a Devacut specialist. Then to achieve the curl definition you say you're lacking you'll need to use a styling product, and you can encourage the curl by scrunching it with your fingers from the bottom to the top. Also, when you're styling your hair flip your head forward so that you're upside down and scrunch that way, this always helps me to give it better shape when it's looking lifeless or frizzy. 
My hair is very similar to yours, long 3a/3b curls, and I have found that plopping every time you wash your hair has helped to fight frizz. Finding the right products could help also, as I use SheaMoisture to keep my hair healthy. I would maybe look around to find some highly recommend products, and try those.