Please Help! 2c/3a damaged, losing hair and itchy, flaky scalp :-(

Long story, short. I've been using Shea Moisture products (among a few others) for about 3 years now.I have 2c/3a, low porosity, medium thickness (with some pretty thick/coarse ones mixed in...from my small % of native american blood, I imagine), medium-low density hair.I have been losing hair at a worrisome rate lately, and my medium-high density hair is moving toward medium-low. (could be stress-related?)My scalp is always itchy and flaky, even after a wash. (Something I've dealt with since adolescence, but it has become much worse over the past couple of years).I think I may have damaged my hair during my last coloring venture, as the lower 2-3 inches are straightening out, which has never happened to me.I have yet to find a routine or product that my hair really loves.

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