Help!! Bad hair cut and hair was thinned by stylist. Now it won't grow!

It's been about a year or so since I got a hair cut and now I'm traumatized to even get one again. The stylist thinned out my hair to the point where I can't even wash my hair without it looking thin for the next three days. Almost looks like it shrinks. Not to mention hair hasn't grown at all. What do I do? Desperate!!! Pictures are hair before and after

2 Answers

That is a drastic cut. However, anything the stylist could have done would have been purely topical, unless your stylist used something on your hair that it has not yet recovered from. Aside from the cut, what else did the stylist do? Did  he/she wash your hair with something? Recommend any type of moisturizer that you don't normally use? ect...Lastly, you may want to get yourself checked by a doctor to make sure nothing is wrong on the inside that may be affecting the way your hair appears on the outside. I hope this helps and good luck to you!
i would go too my stylist, and show them the pictures with a before picture, explain they did a crap job and you will never be coming back because of the thinning shears they used on you, make sure too tell them, they cannot thin curly hair, its a basic rule everyone should know. This should stop them doing it too another person, your best bet is too go too a curly specialist like a devastylist or a ouidad salon and see what they recommend. There is a reason why regular stylists are cheap and curly hair ones are expensive, curly hair ones know what they are doing and you leave happy the majority of the time, regular stylist dont know what too do with curly hair, if its thick curly hair and the person doesnt have much experience, they instinctively want too thin it as thats what you do with straight hair. but apart from that, devachan or ouidad is your best bet. If the actual cut was a year ago, there isnt a huge deal you can do as it has nothing too do with the cut, its just your hair thinning