Help!! What could be causing my hair to break?

So for the past 2 YEARS I have been dealing with some harsh breakage in the middle of my head. I never had to deal with breakage before and I don't know what could be causing it. My hair is rather healthy other than the middle. I don't use heat or chemicals my hair is 100% natural. It got so bad that I had to do a big chop and cut my 8 inches of my hair to even out my hair with the crown area and now my hair is only about 2 inches. It's been 6 months since I chopped my hair off and still is the same lenght because I keep having to cut it to keep it even with the middle lol. That area is still breaking. Please help. Any suggestions? Hair type im thinking is a mix between 3b/3c I say 3c because that's the texture the middle of my head seems to be but the rest of my hair is a definite 3b :)

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