Can someone help with recommending good shampoos and conditioners for 3A hair?

Okay so I am starting to really care for my type 3A hair and I also was stupid and accidently bought (with my own money) a shampoo and conditioner with sulfates and silicones in both so I asked my mom to take me to get newer and healthier shampoos and conditioners with NO sulfates and silicones and I told her the harmful things it does to curly hair but thing is she never listens to me she told me to finish the other two but I want to help it not hurt it. Anyone have tips to help my mom listen to me that would really help, Thanks.

3 Answers

well sometimes , sulfates can be helpful while also being harmful . Sulfates do strip your hair of natural oils that it needs , but it does make sure that your hair is completely clean . Some curly girls say that sulfates don't damage their hair , some say they do .So while I do agree that sulfates are really harmful , I would at least use a sulfate product once every 2 months or so . You have to figure out what's right for you .As for a nice sulfate free product , I would definitely recommend she's moisture! As you can see , their products are free of many harmful things like sulfates   
Oh finally somebody with my hair type. I use Dr. Bronners as my shampoo about once a week, and then use a L'Oreal sulfate free curly co wash i\on my scalp dependoing on what my hair feels like in-between my shampoos. Conditioner varies, on regular days i use Argan Oil Renpure i LOVE this stuff its so cheap for the size you get and it has way better ingrediants than the organix. I highly suggest that if your mom is going to want to stay cheap its a good argument winner. On days where i want to look extra special i'll use my shea moister coconut and hibiscus, its a little more steep in price so thats why i don't use it that often. Hope this helps, unfortuently it looks like youre stuff with sulfates for a while so just cleanse your hair and conditioin extra well to help repair.
The best way to choose ingredients/products is by hair properties and not curl type (it's transient depending on product, technique, dewpoint, etc.) Here's a link to help you with yours Once you determine your properties, go on curl talk and look for others with similar hair. See what they use and do. It's the best way to start.