Help!!!! some of my curls are flat!

Hi!! I have this problem since I was born , I have tried everything to repair my hair.. and it did work. But I always notice that some of my hair is sometimes flat. The next day I don't have the curls I had the day before, and after I come from school my hair becomes wavy. There is no day when I don't have flat curls. I have stopped using heat tools from 2 months now. I don't know why is this happening, but I seriosuly need help.. and also does anybody have any tips on how to bring out your natural curls?? I sleep in a pineapple , but the next day my hair is not the same. I NEED HELP!thanks , that would be super great for me!!

1 Answer

Your hair is way different from my 2a hair, but you should try the curly girl method :) It has worked for me, I used to have straight hair, now it's 2a again :)