Help, my curls have gone!

I've recently gone from ignoring my curls, wearing it wavy only when I was too lazy to straighten, to embracing it and wearing my natural curls all the time. Things were going great, it's been at least a month since I've straightened.  I switched to a sulfate free shampoo a week ago, which I've heard is the best to do if you're rocking curls.  Now my wavy beach hair is no longer.  All I have now is stringy, limp rats nest curls.  It's like my curls won't "stick" together to make chunkier waves, just stringy, not a pretty sight.  Any ideas?  The only thing that's changed is the shampoo.  Any one else have this experience when switching from typical shampoo to sulfate free?  In between 2A/2B, color treated. I'm definetly no expert on my curls, so thanks a bunch for helping a girl out!

1 Answer

It may be time for you to do a protein treatment or an intense deep conditioning. It sounds like your hair may be stripped from straightening it. Whenever, I straighten my hair I also do so type of intense moisturizing treatment to get my curls to bounce back. Straightening your breaks down your hair and strips it (removes it's moisture) so you have to put it back into your hair. This should help revive your curls. I hope this helps!