Help embracing my natural hair.

I'm ready to start embracing my natural hair (2C I think). I know I need to get rid of Parabens, Sulfates and Silicones, but I have no idea what to try first. Any help with Shampoos, Conditioners, Styling products and routines would be very much appreciated!

2 Answers

ok so I've had this problem to. I didn't like my hair at one point but I had to just keep telling my self my hair is beautiful. Something to do is not compare your hair to others becuase no one hair is the same. Find products that make your hairbrush the way you like it and it we'll help you. Natural is the best way to go ♥️
Hi CoffeeQueen I hope my answer helps. I'm a 2C/3A. I have worn my hair natural for 42 years. Had to give up straightening it when I moved to Hawaii. Not there anymore but just couldn't go back to the hassle blow drying anymore. Anyway, I've tried everything but for years now I have been stuck on a couple of products. I use WEN cleansing conditioner which I buy on QVC. I like the summer blends but I went through quite a few to find what works for me. They seem to moisturize more and not weigh my hair down and you can use a small amount as a leave in conditioner. Then I go to John Frieda mouse followed by same brand Dream Curls, and only use a wide tooth comb. Don't even own a brush. The Dream Curls seems to lock in the curl for days and in the mornings I take a spray bottle of water, spritz it all over and everything just springs right back.