Help me fix my dry, puffy, weightless hair

I've tried deep conditioning treatments and hot oil treatments. Nothing works! Years ago I also tried a keratin treatment and that didn't work well either. I started losing hair. My new growth is this strange zig-zaggy pattern and the rest of my hair is what i call crackly. The only way I get SOME shine in my hair is when I sit under the hair dryer. 

3 Answers

it's important to use moisturiser for curly hair because moisturizing curly hair grows better and look better . Curly hair requires moisture to reduce fuzziness and dryness , also getting a deep-conditioner treatment well promote growth and fullness . I use shea butter and coconut moisturiser on a daily basis . If nothing works give your hair a big chop and start a new and healthy journey . And if that doesn't work seek professional help from a stylist in your area . Good luck ! 
I use a variety of different products that works for my hair . 
Hey, I would wonder what your daily steps are for hair care as well as if you color/bleach your hair. Are you using shampoo every day? Do you use shampoo at all? What kind of gel/mouse/styling cream do you use. Does it contain alcohol? Are you using anything with cones? Have you tried steaming your hair while you DC?