Please help me and my forced texturalized hair.

Hello I'm a 13 year old girl.Note: sorry my writing sucks.As you can see from the title , my hair has been texturalized. I didn't know what a texturalized does or capable of. You see, i wanted to be natural and grow my hair because the sides of my hair was kinda gone and i still had pieces of hair to grow back. I liked my 4c natural hair. My mom bought it and didn't even realized what it will do to my hair. I'm so sad and mad at her of what she done to my hair. She didn't like my 4c hair as it was. She wanted it to be loose curly. My older sister agreed with her saying that, my 4c hair wasn't my hair texture (which doesn't make sense at all) that the texturalizer showed my true natural hair. I'm sitting here crying and angry because tomorrow is my graduation and i'm going to go there with my hair ruin!! I don't know what to do. After my hair got texturized it felt kinda thin then my mom put this product called "Curls Unleashed Organic Root Stimulator set it off boosting jelly". After a few more minutes, my hair feels so dry than unusual from my natural hair and its horrible! I don't even know my hair anymore. I wished i knew about the texturizer before! and refuse to my mother! I didn't think it was permanated!! I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to cut all my hair!!!!My question is can i fix this without cutting? can i still follow my hair care regimen? I want to grow this out so i can cut it. My regimen:Daily-Moisturize & seal(I do the LOC method. I spirtz my hair with water then lock it with an  coconut oil then seal it with a shea moisture's cream)Weekly-Co wash -Deep condition Bi-weekly-Cleansing conditioner Monthly-hot oil treatments-protein treatment -Pre poo-shampoo-ACV rinse

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Hi kenaizha!I'm sorry this happened! Don't worry, even though a texturizer is permanent, you can continue to let your hair grow without cutting it. Let your natural hair grow back until you are comfortable with the length and then you can trim off the texturized hair little by little or all at once, when your hair is longer. Continue to take care of your hair and just be even more gentle with it since its more fragile now. You have what looks like a good regimen for healthy hair. If you continue your regimen, your hair should at least feel more healthy and moisturized. The only thing I suggest taking out, since your hair is texturized now is the ACV rinse. If you want to cleanse your scalp with ACV because you co-wash, try putting the ACV in a bottle with a spout so you can focus on massaging it into your scalp to remove any build up. This will keep the ACV away from the length of your hair.You might also find the LOC method to be too heavy for your hair now. If so, you may solve that by choosing lighter weight products or using a little less of each product. For now, it might be good to do your protein treatment to strengthen your hair, then follow your usual moisturizing routine. You can still do a braid out or twist out on your hair. It will look different, than before but you can still rock it!Because you have such a great regimen, I think you'll find that even though your hair doesn't feel or look the same, it can still be as healthy as possible while you grow it out. You can still enjoy your hair (it's still yours!) and try to enjoy the journey back to natural. Don't be discouraged :)I hope that helps! I wish you the best!