Help growing hair?

hi! My hair is a combo of very thick 2c and 3a curls, I heat style 2-3 times a week with heat protectant, and dye from medium to dark brown every 2-4 months. The longest layers of my hair are about 9 inches below my armpit when straightened. My hair is incredibly dry even though I deep condition it as often as possible, I would love for my hair to be waist length when natural but I'm not sure how to go about speeding up the process without stopping dying or heat styling, does anyone have any advice or tips on acomplishing this? Thanks c:!

1 Answer

Hi Alexathebee, Growth is a big topic around here. It's great that you are conditioning your strands often, but be sure to use a gentle cleanser and practice overall healthy hair care so that your strands can be as healthy as possible. Then growth will follow. Heat is going to be the enemy here. Heat styling dries out the hair and doesn't let natural oils flow, so you won't see your hair grow to its full potential. Here are some other tips for overall hair health: 1. Cut out the heat 2. Deep condition every week, or every other week 3. Sleep on a satin pillowcase (reduces breakage) 4. Use a gentle, sulfate free cleanser 5. Moisturize your hair with oils and moisturizers There are lots of tricks to help hair growth, like taking biotin supplements and eating healthy. Check out the video below. She's has lots of tips.