Help with hair routine?? 15-year-old with 3b, frizzy and very dry hair...

This is my hair on one of its better days. As you can see there is some definition, but towards the ends there are sections which are frizzy, very dry and almost straight. Please PLEASE could someone give me some suggestions for a hair routine (including products) that I would benefit from? It would also be nice if the products were on the cheaper side and available in Australia. Thank you xoxo

1 Answer

Hi, I have really similar 3b frizzy hair, although it's pretty short. I'm pretty new as well and still developing a good routine. It would be helpful to figure out your porosity but besides that here's what's working for me thus far. I find that without product my hair looks just like yours, lately I've been styling with conditioner. It doesn't give amazing definition but I sacrifice some definition for volume since my hair gets weighed down easily. I'd say just trial and error some things. The conditioner works well for some frizz but if your looking for more definition I'd say work with some gels (not sure what you have near you) I'm still looking for a gel I like. Besides that try to go for more defining products, but let the frizz work for you also. Frizz can look really cool if you have some defined curls in there, the volume can  be awesome. But it depends on what you like. Not the most informative since I'm still a newbie as well, just my opinion.