Help! I don't know nothing about curly hair care!

hi everyone,I'm 25, and aparently all this years I've been a complete idiot... I didnt know that my hair type is so complicated to take care of!I have a 2c/3a type of hair ( recently noticed it with the quiz) and I dont know how to take care of it. I'm trying to follow your advices like conditioning, not shampooing it every day, sealing the moisture with argan oil, but still keeps frizzing a lot and losing pattern during the day.I truly dont know what to do, I dont know what i'm doing wrong. The attached photo its me after conditioning, sealing it, etc.  But at the end of the day i look like emma watson at the first harry potter movie.If you could give me more advices it wouldbe awesome.By the whay, sorry about my bad english.... greetings from mexico!

1 Answer

For 2b/c-3a hair we often have issues with the curls falling during the day. So, you need some kind of styling product like a gel to grab the curls when they are wet and to help keep them curly and frizz free. Just use one without silicone or alcohol and you should get better results. It will be a little bit hard or crunchy when it dries in your hair but that is ok. Let it dry and then just scrunch it or squeeze it from the bottom up to release the hardness. Hope that helps!