Help I can't products to keep my hair moisturized. The only thing that works is my natural sebum oil

I have a mixture of 3c, mostly 4a and a little 4b type hair. My hair gets very dry despite how much I moisturizer it. I believe I have low porosity hair. I have tried various products (giving enough time and constant use in between) and water with a mixture of conditioner and oil, but nothing seems to work. I even tried deep conditioning, but it doesn't seem to be making my hair any less dry or any softer. The only thing that helped in the past was stretching my hair to bring out the natural sebum oils. That is honestly the only thing that keeps my hair soft and moisturized. Does anyone else have this problem or could someone give me some advice to keep moisture in my hair? Are there any products(conditioners or moisturizers) you would recommend? Please help, thank you!

2 Answers

Here are my favorite products for my 4a hair
I have 4a hair and I recently discovered a mixture that works VERY NICELY at keeping my hair moist. In a spray bottle add3/4 distilled water2 tbsp Shea moisture smoothie2 tbsp macadamia nut oil1 tbsp other oil (I use flax seed)2 tbsp aloe Vera gel (from plant)The aloe Vera is the key here. It helps keep my hair shiny and moist and I love it! Remove the skin from the plant and cube the gel pieces. Throw them into a food processor or blender. Save the gel in a container in the fridge and use as needed.