HELP! I have terrible buildup I can't get rid of!

I have low porosity hair and I live in an area with hard water and high humidity. I have tried many clarifying shampoos, one of which was the Devacurl Buildup Buster. They all have failed and just added to the buildup! Please help, nothing seems get rid of the buildup! Does anybody have any solutions I could try? 

2 Answers

Do the shampoos you tried have sulfates in them? If not then thats what's missing. Sulfate shampoos are horrible for every day use but they're great at stripping build up off of the hair. Either that or you could use Dawn dish soap which is gentle on the hair but still stripps it. After you wash your hair you need to do an apple cider viniger rinse to get rid of the minerals depisited from the shower. It should feel slippery on your hair. If not then you need to adjust the ratio of water to viniger slightly. There's plenty of recipies online. If this doesnt work then I've attatched a video that might help!
I had this exact problem until I tried Monat!  Now I have my natural curls back and no frizz!  Let me know if you want more info :)