Help! I've lost my curl

Hi! I naturally have 3a-3b hair and had it dreaded until I shaved my head about a year ago. Since then I haven't cut it at all, but have bleached it multiple times to get pastel colours (I've been purple, blue, pink, gray, silver, lilac, lavender...) and to my horror, my natural curls now resemble 2b hair!! My strand thickness has also shrunk somehow, so much so that even though the hair is incredibly porous, it weighs so little that it will not sink in water. My hair is currenty silver-lilac and I would like to dye it black-dark green ombré so that my natural black can grow out without me having to redye it. I know I should do like 1000 protein treatments, but should I begin treating before or after dye? I feel like I should dye first so that the treatments will deal the pigment inside the hair shaft. Is that correct?Can anyone recommend treatments to get my curl back? My hair is frizzy af and so brittle that tiny pieces are constantly breaking off. Please save me!

2 Answers

Those colors sound really fun & amazing! The downside is obviously that a lot of bleaching and coloring is damaging to your hair. Sounds like your hair needs some TLC. You're right about protein treatments. There seem to be varying opinions on how long before and/or after you color you should do the PT. But it looks like you can do a PT a week before or after coloring. A lot of folks on here, me included (and I color my own hair with permanent color) use CJ Repair Me regularly - it's gentle and effective. You might try that and if you find you need something stronger, check out Sally's. Look for protein in your conditioners too such as hydrolized wheat protein, also ceramides and panthenol are reparative. Coconut oil can be very reparative too - try it by itself or mix it in with your deep conditioner and use with a heat cap. I really love the Heat Therapy Wrap which is sold online at various sites including Curlmart. Protein, coconut oil, and deep treatments! Good luck!
I heard mayonnaise can bring curls back