Help me | Male | Nothing works | Recent big chop | Hair type?

Alright here's the thing I used to have long hair, about a month and half ago, I did a big job because it was getting to much to deal with. I cant figure out my hair, no matter what I buy no matter what I try my hair is meh. I dont even know my hair type at this point.I attached pictures. The pictures in me with the black * blue shirt, is me after a shower, with some leave-in conditioner (black vanilla carols daughter).The pictures in the grey sweater is me after, an hour of mixing and matching products trying to manage my hair. I think i ended up doing. Leave-in -> lotion -> oil -> gel -> rinse -> gelAt this point I dont know what to do with it, I've tried so many products, so many orders, figured I'd ask this community on what they recommend.Main questions:1. So what hairtype am I? 3B, 2C? So confused. (some of hair floats some of it sinks when doing the test).2. What products and routine do you recommend.

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