Help? My mom wont let me :(

Ever since I was about 7 or 8 years old my mom never knew how to deal with my hair so she used to put relaxer on it all the time, her hair is like loose curls like 3b I think. I remember my hair used to be long and i used to have nice curls but I guess my mom ruined my hair. Now i'm 12 and I big chopped. (I asked my mom but my mom doesn't really care so she said yes) It looks kind of uneven right now. My hair is really short and it will take years for it to grow out so I want it to grow out as fast as it can but I can't do it without the right conditioners and shampoos and other hair care products. I've asked my mom to buy me a couple of oils from the shops for my hair and shampoos and conditioners and she told me to stop watching those rubbish videos on the internet because they are fake and will never work? How do I convince my stubborn mom to buy me them?

2 Answers

Ok... Maybe you should try and sit down with your mom and really explain to her the importance of having healthy hair. I'm 13 and I have to ask my mom to buy me products too! I am a product junkie and I want to try almost everything on the shelf so I feel you on that one. I watch a ton of youtube videos as well! She might understand how much you want to get your hair the way you want. Make sure to add good info in your argument so it will really convince her! I hope this helps!
I would definitely talk to your mom. Honestly, I have had curly hair since I was 12 and I'm 18 now. I've bought my own products for years, besides what she found at Kroger. Good luck! Maybe you could find a way to work for your products? I know it sounds silly, but sometimes a curly girl's gotta do what she's gotta do!