Help! My 4 year old has super fine curly thin dry hair. Everything I try to protect her hair fails.

She has a ton of breakage from trying various "black" protective styles. But her hair is way too fine and fragile for all that. She also has a little baby sister who likes to pull it out. So breakage = shorter hairs holding up long = Afro frizz pouf

2 Answers

Does it break when it's just left alone? What kind of styles are you trying?
Use a lot of conditioner during bath time and use a natural leave in conditioner. You can also keep a spray bottle mixed with water and leave in conditioner (whatever ratio to get the consistency right is up to you) to spritz her hair throughout the day in order to remoisturize. You might want to try looser braids when her hair is a little longer, I'm only assuming it's quite short. Be very gentle with her hair, using your fingers to detangle to avoid more breakage. Oils such as jojoba work nicely to protect the hair as well, without being too greasy. Jojoba oil is great for fine hair when using just a little