Help with nightly hair routine!

I need help trying to figure out what I should do from preventing my hair from becoming flat when I go to sleep. Since my hair is short I tie my hair up in sections but when I wake up my hair becomes flat and I don't have any time in the morning to refresh them. Any ideas about what I should do to stop my hair from becoming flat when I wake up?

3 Answers

Pineappling or some modified version of that works best for us curly girls. My hair is short as well though so I completely understand your struggles. I twist my hair or put in a few bantu knots that are easy to run my fingers through while I am headed on the door to work. Flat twists are great because they keep the hair stretched, are easy to tie down and sleep on, and they are super quick and easy to put in and take out. 
Definitely try pineappling. Use a satin bonnet or a t-shirt for best results. If not, try sleeping on a satin pillowcase. It helps immensely with my waves. Check out the video on how to pineapple in this article:
try the "multi-pineapple".. create like 4 sections and either twist or braid each one flat to your scalp. If you don't know how to flat twist, try doing a bantu knot-- twisting your hair all the way around into a little bun and using a bobby pin to secure it. I have attached a pic so you can see. I also have attached the video on the "multi pineapple". hope this helps!