My hair isn't growing or i really can't see the change. But it's been at shoulder length for about a year. the last time i cut my hair was novembee &its was because my hair was starting to form big knots/ dreads so i cut two or three of those off . could that be the problem??  i also can see split ends when straighten my hair but not when it's curly. should i cut those off? can you help me? PLEASE list any shampoos or conditioners or home made leave ins & conditioners. What could also be the damage? Does hair have a certain growing point? My hair type is somewhere between a 3c- 4b i really don't know.

1 Answer

you should always cut your split end. you mainly pay attention to the health of your hair instead of the length. find out what hair products work best for you make a regimen. once you get the care and health of your actual hair the length will just follow. also try some protective styles to keep your hair from damage every now and then