Help with poofy frizzy dry curly hair!

Hello everyone! Im a guy with very thick dense poofy frizzy really dry wavy/curly hair looking for the best routine to get rid of all that, I wanna keep my hair natural no chemicals or anything just want it to look and feel healthy, moistured and alll natural, Ive been reading a lot, and when i say a lot trust me is getting on my nerves.. Anyways the more i read the more confused i get with all the options and opinions about what to use and how to use it. I recently purchased a sulfate free natural shampoo and conditioner that i use once a week normally, plus i got a leave in conditioner from his mix but still i need to use hair gel (Which im trying to stop using) cause i dont like the crunchy sstiff look, but so far is the only thing that makes my poofy dry hair looks decent.. Pls any advice on products applications and routines will be greatly apprecaite. I left a picture of how it looks now and the link to what im aiming for, Thanks in advance! Heres the link of my goal!

2 Answers

My daughter has the same texture. I found an anti frizz serum by Phytorelax that is AMAZING!!!! Their aragan oil shampoo and conditioner does wonders to her hair as well. You have to get them online, but worth it.  Also, I use Twisty Curly spray by LustreSilk and the deep conditioner which are both AWESOME!!! I get those at Sally's.
Since you don't like gels, have you tried a styling cream instead? Maybe Re:coil? I think you're really going to have use some sort of styling product to get the look you want.