Nothing Helps My 2b Hair- Frizz and deflated curls inevitable

I have 2b hair which was 2a until I stopped washing everyday and using silicones and sulfates (stopped Dec. '13).I have seen some improvement but despite the many products, techniques, oils, extended washes (once a week now w/ cowash when needed) I still find my curls not only deflate very easily (and I have only achieved spirally dreamy curls once, the 2nd time I plopped, no luck since) but they are always friizzy..I know some frizz is natural but I'm certain my hair should be more sleek and shiny!Probably if you suggest something I will have tried it.My current routine is: cowash suave naturals, low poo Moogoo shampoo (gentle australian shampoo), pre plop shea moisture replenish condish as a leave in, then redken diamond oil, then kinky curly not today. Post plop kinky curl coil custard. When I shampoo I deep condition with l'oreal oleotherapy mask.I have never been one to use heat tools, blow drying makes my hair poof and my  hair doesn't stay straight. Have also never dyed it.

3 Answers

I don't know what to advise you since it sounds like we have similar hair issues, but it sounds like maybe you're using too many products at once on your hair.  I have had some luck using deva curl one condition and their light defining gel.  I first rinse out the conditioner, then add a little bit as a leave in.  Then on very wet hair, I scrunch in the gel with my head upside down.  I let it air dry and have more defined curls then I've ever had.  I still do struggle with frizz in the back though, so I'm still experimenting myself! You may need the stronger deva gel since your hair is much longer than mine.  Let me know if you try it or if you find something that helps!
YMaybe a few layers by a curly experienced hair stylist could give you more volume. Also, maybe you are weighed down by too many fairly rich products? You might try just a leave-in conditioner and a hold product after your shower and see how that goes? You can always put some "leave-in" in your hands when you scrunch to break the crunchiness after your curls are dry. Have you tried an apple cider vinegar rinse to clarify? Maybe something in there can help :)
I am very new to this whole thing, but my waves tend to go limp throughout the day, too. The first thing I've tried so far is the squish to condish method, and it made my hair very sleek and shiny. My hair became curlier, and the curls/waves are more defined. Google that and see how it works for you. This method does nothing for volume, though.