Hey! So, I have 3b/3c hair I believe but it's never really defined. Any tips?

I would like a more pronounce curl without the weight of a lot of products. Currently, I use leave in, I detangle almost daily, and I use clay washes. I would like a more pronounce curl when I wear out the second day. It goes lifeless like one or two days later after the clay wash :(. Any suggestions? Thanks. Plus anything with hair growth would also be appreciated. :) 

2 Answers

Looks 3c to me -- beautiful in any case. To give it back its life, a spray bottle of water is your best friend. Plain water is fine. So is packaged refresher spray. My personal favorite is 2 tablespoons of gel and 2 tablespoons of detangler mixed in a 16 oz spray bottle of water (must be shaken before using).
finger coiling will be your best friend. It IS time consuming but it definitely is worth it. It defines your curls and reduce frizz.