Hi Dr. Kari, What can I do for thinning hair not only around the edges but in different spots. I

My hair has thinned out so much around the edges and I have some spots in other places on my head. I had a major surgery 2 years ago and a common side affect was thinning hair, but, not like how mine is. And it is suppose to grow back. Others that I know who had the surgery has had their hair to grow back with no problem. Also my hair is very dry. I try all sorts of oils and moisturizers but the hair won't grow back. I take 10,000 mcg of Biotin each day. One thing that I don't get enough of in my diet is protein because of the amount of food that I consume and I know that protein is also key to hair growth. How can I get that protein in? I also had a biopsy done of my scalp and was told that I have a form of Alopecia (can't remember the complete medical term), scalp was scarred  and nothing could really be done, and was not really given any options. Im not sure if it was because the physician was not use to treating my type of hair issue or not. I really feel that something can be done with the right advice and knowledgeable person. I have always had "a head full of hair" growing up, up until a few years ago. I don't have relaxer in my hair, I do have color and will color about twice a year. I have a pretty decent grade of hair. I currently wear my hair in a curly style with hair extensions in order to cover the flaws in my hair. I can't even wear my hair in an up do without putting a scarf around the front part because of the hair loss. Can you PLEASE help me?

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