My hair is low porosity 2c/3a and very very dry! Anyone got any tips?

 I have very very dry hair. I have used home made masks with avocadoes and coconut oil and prepoo with coconut oil. I use sulphate free and plop but my hair is still so dry and I don't know what to do. I'm thinking of cutting it to shoulder length but I really want hydrated, defined curls. Also I would like to know what are the best styling products for 2c/3a hair to get good volume and hydration? Anyone got any advise?Thanks so much! Thanks so much!

3 Answers

thanks !
I had a similar problem. Let me tell you what I did. I hope it works for you as well. So to start with, I stopped using even my sulfate free shampoo and just co-washed for two-three times a week for two weeks. I already noticed a huge difference by then. I also used an apple cider vinegar rinse on my hair once in fifteen days or so or I leave honey and coconut oil on my hair (once a week as deep conditioning) for around an hour or so and then rinse it out followed by co-washing. All this really moisturizes my hair and I've seen that even the frizz has reduced. Also, immediately after i wash my hair I spritz it with a mixture of my conditioner and water and then plop it. The curl definition is pretty good and my hair feels really moisturized. Although, I avoid this leave in spritz on the days I use honey or acv because it tends to weigh my hair down. That's probably it. I know how irritating dry/frizzy hair can be. I really hope it works for you.
Plus, do not wash your hair in hot water. If you cant avoid it, then at least do a final rinse in cold water. It will help greatly with reducing dryness and don't sleep on rough surfaces like cotton. They tend to strip your hair of moisture very easily and as a result you'd wake up with frizzy hair. Try steaming your hair after you use any of your deep conditioners or even your regular oil prepoos. It will help your low porosity hair absorb the moisture. I do not use styling products but I use alovera gel as a definer. You can also use flax seed gel. I've heard its brilliant. Plus its very easily available!