Hi I am a curly Sister frm India, how do i maintain my curls in the indian climate ?

I am from India , i have 3b curls , itz vry difficult to find organic hair products here as i do not have proper guidance about the curls and what products to use. My hair volume is reducing as days pass by and itz becoming straigh from the rootz dont know what to do i am confused. As i am the only person in my entire family whose got curly hair. Please help me with a suggestion

1 Answer

Try looking for palmer's coconut oil formula, its a great shampoo and conditioner. Also regular coconut oil helps as oil treatment and after washing the hair apply it on wet or damp hair and let air dry. The coconut oil will help but wont give you frizz free curls in that humidity. When I was in India I used a curl cream but to be honest I could barely keep my curls tamed, then in thailand I used the coconut oil and did better than the curl cream. You can also apply regular conditioner after you wash your hair to style your hair. Your hair looks beautiful whatever you are doing works