Hi! I dance everyday. The trainings are pretty intense so how should i take care of my hair?

I work out from monday to saturday, so i sweat a lot. What should i do?

2 Answers

1st option - Keep them in protective styles i.e cornrows or braid/2 strand twist your own hair and Sundays could be your wash day. Every other day during the week you could moisturized your hair 2 - or if you want a clean scalp instead of washing your hair everyday, why don't you  try Dry Shampoo  (spray onto the scalp, massage it & your ready to go and No you don't need to rinse it out). x
have you tried just rinsing your hair after you dance and applying conditioner. you might be able to get away with just a rinse and conditioner or some call this method co-wash. if the hair feels dry after dancing, try applying coconut oil on dry hair before you dance and then do a proper cleanse with a hydrating treatment. you could also mix water and conditioner and spray on dry hair before you dance. follow it with a cleanse and conditioner or just conditioner.