Hi! I have 3b curls and i dye my hair. My hair looks dry. How can I get a healthy shiny curls?

4 Answers

I have 3a on my very top and 3b everywhere else (weird, I know) haha!(: but because of this I have a similar problem when I dye my hair. recently, I have tired Morrocan oil and it works wonders! Though it comes at a high price for the real stuff. Also, I strongly recommend damage detox from Pantene conditioner! I have seriously tried anything from Suave to Redken and this is by far the best! It latterly healed my chlorine and hair dyed damaged hair and its never been softer, shinier, and healthier than it is now! I get gels that are called "protein gel" there are many different brands that all work the same for the most part. I love them because they don't have harsh alchols, usually contain aloe vera, and leave my curls soft and super shiny without nasty, hard crispy pieces! (: I hope this helps!
I would choose pure argan oil over Moroccan oil, the latter is full of silicones and the reals tuff comes cheaper too. As a 3a I used to be in a similar situation and got my shine back with avoiding sulfate shampoos, silicones and conditioning hair with coconut oil twice a week overnight.
I like jojoba extract.
I have 3a/3b hair (really weird) and I found Argan oil and Castor oil helps my hair look thick, shiny (not barbie shiny) but healthy shiny and full.