Hi...how can i prevent DRY curly hair ?

season changed and its winter...my curls are getting dry Any advice?

1 Answer

Here are some of my tips:1. Try to limit heat as much as possible! Curly hair is naturally dry, but it can get really dry in the winter. Using a flat iron will just make it dry out even more. Unless you're using a blow dryer with a diffuser attached to dry your hair, try to not use heat tools.2. Deep condition. Whether you buy a deep conditioner, make one, do a hot oil treatment, whatever- deep conditioning will really help your curls stay moisturized and hydrated.3. Protective styles. The ends of your hair can get especially dry in the winter because they're rubbing against harsh fabrics like wool or your winter coat, and the air is really cold. You can help retain length by doing different styles like buns or braids.Hope I helped! And the video I attached below has even more tips!