Hi i recently got highlights and my curls are straight at the end help what should i do?

2 inches at the bottom is straight and i dont want to chop

2 Answers

I have a friend that colored her hair honey blonde in the front while leaving her hair in the back her natural color which is black. I've noticed that her curls are much looser in the front where it's dyed. Once you dye your hair it becomes weaker and more prone to damage. Odds are your highlighted strands may be a little damaged if they aren't curly anymore. If that's the issue then sorry but you need to get them clipped off. Healthy hair is better than long hair. Better to chop off 2 inches now then wait 6 months and have to chop off 3-4 in
It sounds like overprocessing or chemical damage. You can either cut it or try to blend it with the rest of the length using perm rods as you trim it over time.