Hi I've been reading the reviews on au naturale by dark and lovely but I don't want to waste money.

is there any way I can get samples

2 Answers

See if you r local Beauty Supply or Walgreens has a free sample. I received a free sample a while back by liking their Facebook page. If you're unable to get a sample, I recommend buying the product from somewhere like Walmart, Sally's or Target and then, if it doesn't work out, take it back for a refund. I've even begun to see smaller sizes of the products at Dollar General stores.
Reading reviews of the products from people with hair similar to your is the best you can do if you are not able to sample the products. I can definitely give a review of the Au Naturale products that I have used. I have not tried the new anti-breakage line personally. Beyond Gentle Sulfate-Free Wash: I was pleased with the consistency and slip, my hair was clean but not dried out and it did in fact help reduce shrinkage as it claims.Knot Out Conditioner: Good enough slip. Hair was easy to detangle and again it noticeably reduced shrinkage.Coil Moisturizing Souffle: Gave pretty nice coil definition/elongation. Light and not too heavy. I can't remember what leave-in I used before putting it on or if I used one at all, but I used on dripping wet hair. My hair felt a little dry (I used it as a wash and go styler) and a bit crispy, but I didn't want to "scrunch out the crunch" and ruin my delicate coil definition. If might be nice to try on a twist out or braid out.Sheen Sealing Nectar: Probably my favorite. Gave nice sheen and softness to my hair. I actually used it while doing a blowout and my hair came out super soft and shiny. It's hard to tell from other people's reviews alone, but try to look for those who are using the products the way you want to use them. Are you unhappy with the products you are using right now? Do you see products in the Au Naturale line that you think might fit into or enhance your current regimen? If not, if you already have products that work for you, it may not really be worth it to try something new. It may be a waste, not because the products don't work or aren't good, but you may not necessarily like them better than what you are using now.I hope that helps!